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Since movies are our passion, we spend a lot of time watching and analyzing every single shot and every sequence. We are on a mission to create the perfect film, and that is why our priority is your viewing pleasure. Luckily, we managed to create a series of successful and amazing releases in the recent period, and here are some of the best.


Directed by James Mangold, this movie is based on a well-known story about one of the characters from the Marvel Comics – the Wolverine. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart offer brilliant performances in the 12th installment of the X-men franchise, and you will not regret checking out what will happen with the superhero.


Bill Condon directs this fairy tale adaptation, and it features stars such as Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. The story follows the events around the “fearsome Beast” and a young beauty as she wanders into his enchanted castle, and the original animated picture was released by Disney all the way back in 1991.


The novel written by E.L. James achieved massive success all over the globe, and the movie series is also mesmerizing audiences worldwide. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are the leading stars in the second installment of Fifty Shades series, and this erotic romantic drama will certainly leave you breathless.

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Movies are a fundamental component of our modern-day popular culture, and famous celebrities and actors are someone we can look up to and admire. That is why it is imperative to make high-quality movies, and we at goldmountainfilmstudios.com are focused on creating only the most inspiring and thrilling films. Of course, blockbusters and similar releases are expensive and demanding, but we are more than capable of providing the director and the entire crew with everything they need so that the motion picture is impressive and mesmerizing in the end.

Our comprehensive studio system can offer a complete set of services, including development, financing, and distribution of the movie in question. Also, we offer stages, backlots, and all sorts of locations for filming, as well as TV facilities. Above all else, we possess a lot of drive and creative energy, which can result in incredible achievements when paired with enthusiasm of the directors and talent of the actors.

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Customer satisfaction is our priority, and when it comes to film industry – this means that we have to produce engaging and entertaining motion pictures. Luckily, our efforts so far have been fruitful, and several top quality releases came out of our studio. We managed to satisfy our customers, and we are determined to continue in the same direction.

Lucas R.

Movies are my great passion, and I simply can’t get enough of them. When it comes to films from this particular studio, every time I am positively surprised with the overall quality of the releases. Just keep up the good work, guys!

Diane O.

My family and I enjoy spending the evenings in front of the TV, lying around on our comfy sofas, watching various films, and when it comes to movies created by goldmountainfilmstudios.com – they always captivate us and make us forget the harsh reality for even a little while.

  Kyle R.

Since I have always been an avid movie-goer, I love watching interesting films, and this studio sure knows how to produce a good motion picture. The production of their films is top notch, and all of the other elements are also at a very high level, which allows me to fully enjoy the storyline.